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Make it Soup

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This has been a busy week. The book had three events that required lots of cooking, I took dinner to a sick friend and provided Titans snacks. So by yesterday afternoon when a request for lasagna came through, I have to admit that I just wasn’t up to it. …

It’s Finally Here

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It’s finally here! Tomorrow, November 1st, is the release date for the newest cookbook – You’re Grown – Now You Can Throw a Party. The new book features over 130 recipes and lots of photographs designed to make entertaining your friends and family a pleasure. …

Beer? Cake? or Better — Chocolate Stout Cake

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My Mom came to dinner for her birthday last night. That’s a special occasion and I had the birthday dinner menu down, but wanted to make a cake that was just perfect for her. My mom is a fan of anything British. She took students to England on school-sponsored trips for many years. …

The Fall Cookie Jar

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I’m not the only one at my house that loves to Throw a Party! Yesterday my son hosted a pumpkin-carving soiree for some of his Halloween loving crowd. 

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We had a ton of fun carving pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds, followed by a yummy dinner of roasted fall vegetables, salad, and grilled steak. …

Fall in Love with Tomato Pudding

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Here is my family’s absolutely hands down favorite side dish and a recipe you will just fall in love with. Actually it is Fall and does finally feel like it. The cool weather inspired a double request last night for Tomato Pudding. …

A Fall Dish That is Not Pumpkin

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Some friends were chatting the other day about how tired we get of pumpkin recipes and the ensuing number of foods featuring pumpkin that pop up on grocery shelves this time of year. We all agreed that we like pumpkin in things like pie and spice cake, and on front porches, but when it shows up in coffee, granola, candy, and yogurt – well it’s just too much. …

Pepper Patch Dinner

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This is my son’s dish. His pepper garden, his recipe, and it’s a crowd pleaser that you will be glad be so glad to add to your recipe collection – to say nothing of dinner table. News flash – you don’t have to grow your own peppers – the grocery store has got it covered. …

My Cheatin’ Ravioli

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Last night I made homemade fresh ravioli for some friends and here’s the thing - it only took a few minutes. If you’ve never had fresh ravioli before then you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. If you thought it was too hard to make at home – guess what – it’s not. …

Fry Baby

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Here is a quick recipe for a tasty snack you can make in minutes and enjoy for a fun football game day treat or as a fantastic cocktail nibble. It has to be quick because I’m completing the last edit of the new cookbook and everything I do right now has to be done in a snap. …

Crafting with Anna (Part 2)

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If you read about the Jelly Pies yesterday, then you know that Anna and I love to have some new craft project to try. Usually it’s knitting – sometimes painting, but this time we went for another favorite – a food craft. I don’t usually write about something that requires special equipment – but this was just too much fun to pass up and must be passed along. …

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