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Always a Winner

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The task – to make a new tailgating /football game day snack for cheering on the Titans this week. My family lives a strange life of sport superstitions inspired by years of supporting Vandy now coupled with the thrill and pain of being Titans fans. …

Pretty in Pink

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A friend called me the other day to ask for another copy of a recipe I had given him.  He serves a lot of lunches to ladies who lunch a lot so I thought I better get this recipe out there so he would always have a copy and so you would too. …

Karla Slaw

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Granted – the title of the recipe might not grab you right off the bat, but once you have a taste of Karla Slaw you’ll be hooked as will anyone else lucky enough to get a bite! This dish undoubtedly has another name, but when my friend Karla served it to us the first time we loved it and friends and family now request Karla Slaw for any picnic, tailgate, or potluck event. …

When There is Not a Crowd for Dinner...

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My darling friend Anne, who says she can’t cook, always manages to send me the most delightful recipes that she has indeed cooked and usually with a creative twist. This recipe for a Peach Crisp for One or Twenty comes at a perfect time. …

Just One More…

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Maybe I’m posting too many fig recipes, but let’s face it – this has been a terrible summer in our part of the world for tomatoes and squash. The deer ate the okra and a few days ago I saw a squirrel sitting in the garden clutching a small eggplant. …

Backyard Dessert

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We just got back from a trip where we were able to sample lots of different local fruits but nothing was as thrilling as getting home and discovering that the figs on the backyard tree were finally ripe. The first time I saw a fig tree was in Memphis when I was in college. …

Last Minute Inspiration

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Dinner plans were underway and wouldn’t you know there were a couple of ripe peaches and tomatoes sitting on the kitchen counter making me feel guilty. We’ve all been there. The summer farmer’s markets are so tempting and somehow its easy to buy too much when you’re standing in the middle of stands full of gorgeous produce.

Picnic with the Stars

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Last week a wonderful friend called to say she had a car pass for Bluebird on the Mountain on Saturday and I said yes before she could even ask if we wanted to go. (It was assumed she wasn’t just calling to brag.) What’s better than a picnic way up at Vanderbilt’s

Litton Cookies

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My husband is an Isaac Litton High School fanatic. Even though the school has been closed (1971) for years, the former students remain incredibly loyal. He has another good reason to love Litton - his father was the band director of the famous

Cucumber Madness

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All I did was plant three cucumber plants that I grew in water jugs as a garden club project. The wish was first of all to see if it would work (it did), and secondly, to supply a cucumber or two every week this summer. 

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When we returned from a short trip, these tiny little plants had gone berserk. 


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