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Meet Chili Dog!

I know what you’re thinking. It’s a perfect day for chili dogs – snowy – freezing cold – football all day. But you’re also thinking, “Come on – who needs a recipe for that?” You buy some hot dogs and buns, make or buy some chili and voila, there you have it, a chili dog.

Sugar Pie Honey Bunch

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It’s hard to find a dessert that works for almost any occasion, but by golly, this just might be the IT dessert for 2019. I served a Honey and Lavender Pie to a group of women on the weirdest variety of diets you’ve ever imagined. …

Spicy New Year

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Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were delightful and the New Year is off to a wonderful beginning. I also hope you resolved to avoid make difficult resolutions! 2019 has certainly started out a bit damp and dreary, weather wise, but that’s no reason for your dinner to be the same. 

Fancy Party Pinwheels

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Once when Richard was little and we were traveling we made an emergency stop at a restaurant in East Tennessee. The emergency was endless whining creating the real possibility that I might lose my mind. Clearly this stop was inspired by desperation rather than hunger. …

Party Goldfish Snack Mix

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Somewhere back in the sixties America was introduced to cheddar Goldfish and we thought they were a lot of fun. My mom used to make a delicious version of Cereal Mix with Goldfish crackers. I thought maybe the recipe came from a popular women’s magazine, but she said it was one of many on the back of boxes of cereal. …


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There is a recipe I adore that makes the best little cocktail biscuits in the world. It was tempting to keep it a secret because I thought it might be a reason people asked me to parties – with the assumption that those biscuit would come along too. …

A Taste of Tomorrow...

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When Sylvia asked me to do a food demonstration for the Holiday Open House at Green Door Gourmet  on Nov. 18th I was so excited. I knew exactly what I wanted to do – sets of seasoned salts to give as gifts. I made these for the first-time last year and they were a hit – especially in my house where we use them all the time. …

The Easiest Pie Crust & A Chocolate Chess Pie

(A Tale of Two Recipes)

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A long time ago a friend gave me a recipe for a simple piecrust. It was easy and it always worked, yet somehow in the modern era of food processors and decent quality frozen pie crusts, I forgot about it. But my sister Mary did not. …

Fall Shrimp

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Before you even read about this fantastic double presentation shrimp recipe, I’ve got to say I had such a marvelous time making pumpkin roll dessert with Meryll Rose yesterday on Talk of the Town.(Click to View) With breaking news, we didn’t know how much time we had to cook – but it all worked out and we even squeezed in a recipe for puppy treats made with left over pumpkin. …

Tune in Tomorrow

Watch Talk of The Town  tomorrow at 11:00 to see how to make that delicious Pumpkin Roulade with cream cheese filling . NewsChannel 5  in Nashville

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Also included – a perfect pumpkin puppy treat recipe everyone’s dog will love.

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If you miss the broadcast you can

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