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Birthday Salad

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We have a “house salad dressing” that makes everyone happy. It’s a sesame dressing with a little bit of this and that to give it both a sweet and tangy finish. It keeps for a long time in the fridge so it’s almost always on hand when needed. 

Strawberry Fields Forever

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Stop by any fruit and flower stand this time of year and you won’t be able to resist the beautiful local strawberries. Apparently, as fate would have it, lots of people couldn’t resist because the place closest to me completely sold out Friday and I had to go back early Saturday morning just to get enough for a few batches of jam. …

A Souvenir

We’ve been on a vacation and had a graduation. Now that we are home and the celebrating is finally over (I think) it’s time to share a vacation souvenir. My favorite thing to bring home from any trip is a new recipe and this one does not disappoint. …

Any Occasion Cookie

Follow the Rainbow

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Nutritionists and diet gurus are always telling us to “eat the rainbow” no doubt meaning, veggies and fruits that are different colors. Well, they should be more careful tossing that phrase around, because I’ve just thought of a terrific way to eat the rainbow that is so much easier than picking out all that expensive produce at

Spring Celebration Salad

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Tennessee in the spring is such a beautiful thing. Wild flowers are everywhere, trees are flowering, bees are buzzing, and some days it’s warm enough to leave the jacket behind. That’s worth a celebration. I couldn’t be the only person craving a gorgeous salad full of colorful fruit and veggies, topped with something from the grill, and dressed with the best Sesame Salad Dressing you have ever had. …

A Nashville Favorite — The Frozen Tomato

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Maybe one of the best salads in the whole world is a Frozen Tomato Salad. It’s hard to describe, and once you read the ingredients you may seriously doubt this, but when all is said and done and you’ve given it a try, you’ll be craving this dish for days. …

Wrap and Roll

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For all of my school counseling career taking lunch to work was a daily activity. No grownup wants to fight their way through a school cafeteria line to pay for a Styrofoam cup of lukewarm tator tots. Lunch from home was usually a salad comprised of lettuce or spinach and whatever leftovers were hanging around. …

Parmesan Cheddar Thumbprints

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Thumbprint cookies have always been a favorite component of any self-respecting Southern cookie jar. That usually means little buttery sweet cookies with a little mound of jam in the middle. Those are marvelous, perhaps the subject of another post, but these savory Thumbprints are destined to become a family favorite when an appetizer is in demand.

Not Just for Tuesday

It’s always a good night for Taco Lasagna. It’s comfort food on a rainy day, (we know a little bit about that!) celebration food for a party, fun food for casual potluck, and an easy meal for a hectic week and a harried cook. Plus – no one will ever say, “I don’t like Taco Lasagna”. …

Chocolate love - In a Flash!

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You still have time! In the next ten minutes you can craft a marvelous batch of homemade chocolates that say “I love you” better than any cards or flowers. This treat will absolutely not celebrate the commercialism that has become Valentine’s Day but instead your own creativity and the delightful idea of giving something you made to people you love. …

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