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Going Bananas

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My mother is famous for her banana bread. She makes it just the way my nephews like it, which means no nuts. I like nuts but I do not trump a grandchild. Richard adores bananas in anything and he’s coming over for dinner, so I’m making my mom’s banana bread and taking it over the top with nuts, chocolate chips, and a little orange zest. …

Dinner for a Snowy Day


It’s January and it’s snowing. I love snow; it’s the only excuse for cold weather, except for cold weather food. It’s too bad that so many people think it’s time to diet after the holidays. Save it for summer when there are “real” tomatoes, sundresses, and it’s too hot to cook. …

Pink Spaghetti

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In my humble opinion, food is rarely controversial, but if you want to find lovers and haters, the beet is the way to go. I have friends on both sides of the fence, but not a single one straddles it. Clearly I’m a beet lover, and I’m currently celebrating the fact that they are quite the thing in the culinary world this year. …

Champagne for Chickens


Yesterday I woke up to find a half full bottle of champagne in the kitchen. I’m pretty sure we’ve never had left over champagne before, but New Year’s Eve was a busy day and we all just went to bed after the Music Note sort of dropped. …

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