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Darn, I Forgot to Lose Weight...


Darn! It’s the end of January and I forgot to lose weight! Don’t you hate it when that happens? The problem is that cooking, eating, and entertaining are about my favorite things to do. You’ll probably notice that exercising and counting calories didn’t make the list, so we’ll just go back to cooking. …

Super Supper


Last weekend I went to a great pizza place with my nephew and he ordered a meatball pizza. Why didn’t I think of that? What a genius idea! It made me think of other great dishes that have meatballs, and I vowed then and there to revisit some of those recipes.

An Italian Masterpiece


If ever there was a night for some cold weather comfort food, last night was it! I was listening to the sound of ice falling on the patio and it just made me want to cook something warm and delicious.  In my family we gravitate toward chili and spaghetti when we have a snowy day, it just seems right. …

Chicken from France


The holidays are over and it’s back to business as usual in our house. No more splurging on party food while embracing the Scarlett O’Hara calorie theory, “I’ll think about it tomorrow.” To avoid mid-winter boredom, I’m trying to expand our repertoire of week night dinners – translate- something quick to put together, not expensive, ingredients mostly on hand, everybody eats all ingredients involved, AND, of course, it must be delicious or what’s the point.

Anna's Cookies


Happy New Year to us all!

Unfortunately, I’m not starting out with a bang, but instead with a bad cold. When I have a cold I always get weird food cravings. Is that normal, does everyone do that?

Whatever the excuse, I was definitely craving these wonderful cookies, in fact my favorite cookie I’ve ever sampled - 

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