Sallie's Kitchen Corner


The Perfect Stuffed Potato

IMG 2709.jpg

Crispy on the outside pillow-y, soft on the inside, and loaded with good things – that’s what makes a perfect stuffed potato perfect.  That’s what we had for dinner last night and I think you may want that too. Especially when you see how easy this is.

Rainy Night Meatball Parmesan Marinara

IMG 2645.jpg

It was a dark and stormy night…same as the last two weeks. After enough dreary weather, my family starts demanding comfort food as if they were Eskimos stuck in igloos for the next month or so. That means there have been many chicken casseroles, warming soups, and beef concoctions, but when it all comes down to it….they want spaghetti. …

Tomatoes on Top

IMG 2559.jpg

Here’s a guess – this New Year has just begun and you have already thought –what can I make for dinner tonight. I wish my family all loved the same foods, but we know that doesn’t happen, so I have a secret weapon – we call it Tomatoes on Top. …

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