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Sailing Away

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Surprise your family this week with dinner in a boat. No kidding –  a spaghetti squash can make perfectly adorable little boats for serving dinner. It’s just the most entertaining vegetable. We have it all the time because it’s easy, versatile, and inexpensive – plus yummy. …

Taking out the Trash on a Snow Day

IMG 6556.jpg

I was going to blog this very healthy and delicious stew, but it will have to wait. Today is a snow day and that means cookies. The challenge is to use what you have and see what you can invent. In my house, we call that Snow Day Trash Cookies – maybe not the best name – but the cookies make up for it. …

Cold Weather Camping

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This is not news to anyone; it’s been a vey cold start to 2018! That’s been depressing to my dogs who want to walk, but mostly we’ve been happy to watch the birds clustered around the birdfeeders, do a little reading, attempt post holiday cleanup, catch up with friends, and cook warming meals of soup, chili, and hearty casseroles. …

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