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Crock-Pot Cold Weather Cure


The weather guy said that cold weather would be sticking around for a while, so I made the sensible choice to pull out the Crock-Pot. Nothing keeps cold at bay better than the happy thought of a delicious meal cooking away all day in your kitchen Like most good Southern girls I’ve got dozens of tried and true Crock -Pot recipes, and a couple of those will definitely make their way to the table in the next week or so, but I’m up for something new. …

It's Oscar Night - Are You Ready for Your Close-up?


Don’t you just love Oscar Night? It’s all about the stars, the clothes, the performances, and, of course, your Oscar Night Menu! Heck, even if you’re watching by yourself, which technically I am since my husband is just pretending, you have to make it something of a celebration. …

A Valentine's Menu: Part 3


Whew! Just under the wire – here’s the Valentine’s dessert to make a perfect ending to this year’s dinner. I had to experiment with three ideas (darn), but this one was it! The rules were: it had to have chocolate in it (my husband’s rule), had to be made ahead (my rule), and most of all, it had to be so irresistible that after the lovely salad, the scallops and couscous, and a surprise appetizer - a small cheese plate, you really still just HAD to have it.

A Valentine's Day Menu: Part 2


It’s true; most people don’t think a salad is the sexiest dish at the party. But you’ll have to admit this Valentine’s salad is pretty adorable.

After a day of play at the gorgeous Antiques and Garden Show this past weekend, friends and out of town guests came over for a little gossip, a bit of wine and, of course some yummy food. …

A Valentine's Day Menu: Part 1


When my husband and I were newlyweds we had a couple of disastrous restaurant experiences on Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing like a jostled waiter dumping a bottle of red wine on your new suede boots to suck the romance right out of the night! …

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