Sallie's Kitchen Corner


Chic Shrimp


Last week I went with a friend to visit a beautiful little island in South Carolina. Actually, we visited many beautiful little islands in South Carolina in a 2 day span, making me think the whole place is just a bunch of islands grouped together and called a state. …

A Healthy Heart February Salad


It seems like lots of people want to initiate a healthy eating regime at the beginning of the new year, or at least magazines and TV tell us we do. Not me. I want to wallow in cold weather comfort food and never leave my house for the freezing, rainy, snowy, world that is January. …

Baby It’s Cold Outside


In December I baked delicious bourbon glazed ham for a party. It was so much better than those spiral sliced prebaked numbers that we tend to pick up around the holidays. The ham was enough to feed a huge crowd, and they must have enjoyed it because all that was left were a few rolls and a bone with just a touch of ham on it. …

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