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Mardi Gras Pralines

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I will admit it to being a shameless cookbook collector. I probably have a book produced by every Junior League in America, plus numerous Food network stars, chefs from New Orleans, to Nashville, and every strange little restaurant we have visited that has printed one, particularly if it happens to be a beach location. …

A Pretty Little Bite

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A Tuesday Valentine’s Day is an inconvenient time for celebrating, but still, it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m going to have a menu of fun little nibbles that are easy to assemble and enjoy with a glass of champagne. Having established that we will give the day a nod, I do believe the problems with Valentine’s Day to be numerous. …

Roll with it Baby

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There is nothing more satisfying than having a delicious dinner with very little effort after a very busy day. Part of my very busy day was just a pleasure – getting to cook with Meryll Rose on Talk of the Town. (Click to view)            Meryll is an excellent cook herself, so it just feels like we are enjoying a moment in the kitchen. …

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