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Fondue for Two

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It’s a Friday night dilemma. The end of the work week arrives and you know you are expected to celebrate. So, do you:

a.     Hurry home, stopping at the grocery to buy stuff for a nice dinner that will need someone to cook it?


Two for One

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Nashville’s NewsChannel 5 gave me the chance to do a “Two-for”….two recipes on one show for Talk of The Town. Click here to view. Since it was Valentine’s Day of course I made desserts! It made sense to pick my guys favorites and feature them. …

Going to the Dogs

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It’s nearly impossible to believe that last week our beautiful basset hound turned ten years old. A little less than ten years ago we traveled to the outskirts of Mississippi to pick her up. Originally christened Angel by her owner, it was rapidly apparent as we made the drive back home that the name would not suit. …

Tuesday Teriyaki Taco Night

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I will admit that although we love tacos, Tuesday Taco Night isn’t really a thing around our house. It just worked out Tuesday night because grilled chicken is definitely a weekly event. The grilled chicken is really for me and usually happens Monday or Tuesday night when I grill extra to have for lunch and maybe another dinner during the week. …

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