Sallie's Kitchen Corner


Wait, There's More...


Yesterday I promised to share the rest of the ideas for a menu to start a bit of healthier eating. By now we all know that almost any kind of seafood is good for you, but the idea of actually eating any variety is not shared by my family. …

A Post Spring Break Menu


I joined in with a group of friends fussing about doctors, diets, and health concerns in general, when one beautiful and wise woman gave me THE LOOK and said, “We read your blog – we know what you eat.” I opened my mouth to defend my diet and then snapped it shut immediately. …

Pâté of the South


There are some recipes that I’ve made hundreds of times without ever writing them down. That’s partly because I’m too lazy to take notes when I’m cooking, and partly because I change things up a little every time until I get exactly the dish I want.   …

An Estate Inspired Dinner


Here we are at our second favorite mountain house. We love our place in the Smoky Mountains, but Asheville is just a short drive from there and it’s a great city to visit. Unfortunately, this second favorite mountain home doesn’t allow guests, except for the kind who pay for a brief tour. …

Meatloaf in the Mountains


Well lucky me! I’m doing one of my favorite things in the world; vacation cooking. We’re in the mountains for a couple of days and I packed the cooler with supplies for a delicious dinner last night that would yield leftovers for a picnic while driving and hiking around today. …

A Lemon Cake for Any Day


You’ve heard the saying, If life gives you lemons, make lemonade – well, to that I say, what’s so bad about lemons, and wouldn’t a lemon cake be even better? So I made a lemon cake for no reason at all. It just seemed like a good thing to do on a rainy afternoon.

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