Sallie's Kitchen Corner


Your Little Black Dress


Every girl has one - that one outfit you know will work. It makes you feel pretty, it’s always in style, and most of all you can depend on it not to let you down in a closet crisis.

The fact is you need the very same thing in your repertoire of recipes. …

Let Them Eat Cupcakes - At Least Two Apiece


Do you ever have the craving to make a meal that’s, well….kind of cute? That sounds weird, but I really believe food can be yummy and adorable at the same time. At least that was the idea when I started planning a menu for some gardening friends who were coming for lunch. …

Barbeque Shrimp is the Talk of the Town

Click here to see my 4 ½ minutes of fame!


Yesterday I got to cook on TV for 4½ minutes. At home I peeled shrimp and chopped onions for 2½ hours. Unless you are a Food Network star, TV cooking isn’t very glamorous. Still it was a lot of fun and everyone at Channel 5 was so nice to me. …

"Two" Easy


I have a great secret for the most versatile little two ingredient treat ever – Parmesan Crisps. These babies take less than ten minutes to produce from the moment you think:  (a) yikes! company is here and I don’t have any snacks; (b) that salad looks incredibly boring; or (c) I need a treat. …

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