Sallie's Kitchen Corner


The Perfect Seasoning


After today, the blog will take a little break  - just a couple of weeks - while my husband gets some work done. Sadly, this will not be around the house, but instead on his knees. That’s ok, he can get new knees and then get some work done around the house!

Vacation Stuffed Artichokes


On a dream Spring Break Vacation in a house overlooking a coastal marsh I got the chance to make dinner with my friends for a fantastic group of guests. Our crowd included some charming guys from Sewanee who were happy to assist. …

Major Sallie's Chutney?


Last Monday I got to cook on Talk of the Town with Lelan (Click to Play). He predicted all this mess today by the way! My guys went to the TV station to help, and as a reward, after we finished the show and got everything packed up, I took them to a new Indian restaurant for lunch. …

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