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Find Your Thrill on Blueberry Hill

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It actually was quite thrilling to find blueberries for $.99 at the grocery store last week. In fact it was such a lovely surprise that caused me to veer “off list” and buy a couple of boxes – sometimes a dicey move. This time however, it’s proven to be a worthwhile purchase, and we’ve enjoyed blueberries on cereal, with oatmeal and most recently topping vanilla ice cream with a little honey drizzled over. …

Cheese Please

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As a young girl growing up in the south and watching my mother and her friends entertain, I realized that hostessing could be a tricky business. You needed to be the first to come up with the latest new dish before it was served at every bridge circle and ladies club in town. …

Cookie Love

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Do you ever feel like this – you need a cookie and you need it now! Well I did yesterday afternoon and that’s why I took all of about 2 minutes to whip up Old- Fashioned Lace Cookies and get them in the oven. Really – about 2 minutes in the mixer maybe 3 or 4 by hand. …

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