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Easter Treats — Cooking with Kids and Kids at Heart

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My kid is 26 so to me he’s kind of both, but if you have a budding young chef in the family or neighborhood this is really an entertaining spring time cooking project – perfect for little hands. Sometimes the simplest recipes produce just the most delicious results. …

A Quick Trick

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You know the feeling, it’s just a weeknight dinner, but does it have to be the same old boring stuff? Even if that stuff is perfectly good, sometimes it’s nice just to put a party dress on it and see what happens. This past week asparagus that was such a good deal at the grocery store it was a shame to pass it by. …

Springing Ahead

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The blog took a break last week for a quick trip to Florida. It was so cold on the beach, we couldn’t wait to get back to Nashville. We did - and it snowed. Bad luck all the way around, but at least the snow was pretty and short-lived and now the spring flowers are putting us all in the mood for summer. …

Weeknight Cooking

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Is there anyone else out there who loves to plan menus for parties and get-togethers but is frequently stumped by the weekly chore of making a nightly family meal plan? Hopefully the answer is yes, I’d hate to be alone in that category. …

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