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$100 Brownies


Here’s the story – these are truly the most fantastic brownies you’ll ever eat, and the best part is you can make them at home. Beware, they are addictive.

Here’s the rest of the story – you cannot make these brownies taste so heavenly without investing in some top quality ingredients. …

Ropa Vieja


I confess to a bit of an addiction to cooking magazines. They make for such a happy read. Who doesn’t like to think about food? And the pictures…well I could go on forever. I’ve narrowed my favorites down to just two and a half  (isn’t Southern Living really about more than just food?), so I was initially kind of surprised when two food magazines arrived in the mailbox on the same day with pictures of tacos on the covers. …

A Little Something Special for the Easter Bunny


It’s clear that a lot of people have very strong Easter traditions that must be adhered too, but somehow that’s never been the case with my family. Over the years Easter has been celebrated with church, Easter egg hunts, and of course family gatherings. …

A Light Spring Pavlova


Sometimes you just want to make a really pretty dessert; one that causes people to smile and make that happy kind of “ah” intake of breath sound that means you’ve scored a hit. But as all teenage girls know, “pretty is as pretty does” and pretty doesn’t mean you’re a nice person (dessert) on the inside. …

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