Sallie's Kitchen Corner


Chocolate Potato Chips and Cheater Beignets


I missed blogging for a week due to hostessing duties, getting garden ramped up for the season, and other assorted inconveniences, so today I’m doing double duty. Here are two of our favorite, ridiculously simple, marvelously delicious, but clearly not health food recipes. …

Table for One, Please


Is it a guilty pleasure to enjoy making dinner for yourself? I hope not, because I love the chance to do exactly that. On the occasional night when no one is home but me I make what I want for dinner. That means I can have vegetables that extend beyond the range of green beans! …

A Tasty Read


I hope everyone has a few good friends who never fail to provide excellent reading recommendations. If you’re lucky, they even loan you the book! My friend Paula is exactly that person, and I can never wait to read what she sends my way. …

The Pie Lie


My friend Susie gave me a chess pie recipe a few weeks ago. Since everyone I know, at least here in the South, has their own “famous” chess pie recipe, I figured this one must be pretty good if she thought I should give it a shot. …

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