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Honey Bourbon Snacking Bacon

IMG 3442.jpg

It’s true – we are officially beekeepers and my obsession with everything honey is only getting worse. My husband thought I’d gone over the edge when I said I was putting honey on bacon. I had to add in the bourbon part just to get him to try it. …

What is That?

IMG 3478.jpg

I guess I haven’t made a Grasshopper Pie in a long time since my grown son gave it a glance and said, “What is that?” in a not very nice way.  This is a kid who has always adored mint chocolate ice cream, so I feel kind of guilty that – until now – he has missed out on this delicious and delightful throw back to the past. …

The Perfect Egg Salad

IMG 3375.jpg

When the bunny brings eggs you absolutely must make egg salad. It’s turned into kind of a family tradition to have egg salad sandwiches for an easy dinner the day after Easter, but you know what – it’s a wonderful treat all year long. …

Chilies Rellenos for a Crowd

IMG 3287.jpg

On his resume, my son lists “pepper cultivator” as one of his hobbies – the picture below tells it all. Of course that means we love making any dish with peppers. One of the family favorites is traditional chiles rellenos, but that involves a lot of roasting, stuffing and frying, plus it’s sort of messy and not really a practical dish to serve to a lot of people. …

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