Sallie's Kitchen Corner


Shrimply Delicious

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Do you love the words “Dinner is ready” especially if you have only one pan to clean afterwards and you know you’ve got everyone’s favorite dish – shrimp – is on the menu? That’s a go in this household! We are in love with this Greek Style Tomato Baked Shrimp. …

Where’s the Pasta?

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If my husband hears that we are having something for dinner that sounds even vaguely Italian, he assumes it’s pasta. This is partly my fault because frequently it is…but not always! The first time dinner was announced as Chicken Milanese he was so excited. …

Lauren’s Wine Cake

IMG 7265.jpg

Our friend Lauren was coming with us on a recent family getaway and asked if she could bring a cake. Well what kind of idiot says no to that? We love cake! Lauren made a recipe she and her mom adore, so already it was special. Family recipes are always the best. …

Crawfish Boil

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Because we live in landlocked Nashville, there are some seafood menus that just seem beyond my cooking creds. Usually It’s because of ingredients that proves difficult to find – not from a lack of desire to at least give any recipe a shot! …

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