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Blondies with Dark Roots


Compared to the $100 Brownies, you might think that Blondies With Dark Roots sounds sort of cheap and tacky, but trust me they are neither. Picture a rich, decadent bar cookie, sort of like a fat chocolate chip cookie on steroids. …

You Can Make Beaten Biscuits


I’m in a Sunday School Class called Saints and Sinners and for many folks the recipe I’m about to share here will toss me squarely in one category or the other. If you know what a beaten biscuit is, you’re either from the South, have southern friends who are proud to share their cuisine, or you like to read about food. …

Three Amigos Salsa


This past Tuesday was spent moving Richard out of his first college apartment and back home for the summer. During the move, it became quite clear that I should call the publisher and add an additional chapter to my cookbook entitled “How to Clean Your Kitchen on a Regular Basis." …

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