Sallie's Kitchen Corner


Twice is Nice


I’ve never done this before; I made a salad that was so marvelous, I made exactly the same thing the next night. A rerun! Not a leftover!

Since my son has been home our backyard and porch seem to throw a party everyday. I practically have to make advanced reservations to have my own friends over! …

Paradise Dip


Why the name? Well, there’s a cheeseburger in Paradise Dip. Don’t you just love that! Now that my son is home from LA, he’s started a back yard construction project – building a Gazebo. Weird, I know, but now we’ll have somewhere to drink our mint juleps. …

Welcome Home


We have been in Richard’s car for 10 days traveling home with him from Los Angeles. It was quite a trip. Here’s a summary: Happy to leave LA, Hoover Dam – very large, Vegas – Disney for adults, Grand Canyon – jaw dropping, Petrified Forest – weird and creepy, Santa Fe – should have gone with girl friends, great shopping, (and prairie dogs are really cute!). …

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