Sallie's Kitchen Corner


A Classic Never Goes Out of Style


Wednesday I got to cook on Talk of the Town with Lelan Statom (Click this Link to View). It was a blast - well of course it was – I was cooking with Lelan, but also nice because I had the opportunity to tell a story about a recipe that was special to me when I was growing up.  …

Lottie’s Recipes


It’s not that I didn’t appreciate growing up in the South surrounded by fabulous food and great cooks, but the lure of my best friend’s mom and her exotic kitchen was too much to resist. Lottie Strupp lived as a child in Germany and escaped during the war. …

Reinventing the Square


The opportunity to plan and execute a menu for a Sewanee graduation party is huge and not to be undertaken lightly. When a group of young women got together to party plan such an important event, naturally there were a lots of opinions. …

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