Sallie's Kitchen Corner


Shrimp Pasta Redo

It was exciting to get to prepare Spectacular Shrimp Pasta on Talk of the Town yesterday! (Click to View) Meryll is so much fun to cook with, it’s like being at home in your own kitchen.  The problem was that all of that shrimp cooking in the studio smelled so wonderful, that we were craving shrimp by dinnertime. …

Pesto and Zoodles

For Mother’s Day I asked for a vegetable spiralier and a lemon tree. I got  both plus a really cute planter (see photo – you’ll love it!)

The lemon tree isn’t doing anything exciting, but boy is that spiralier fun. We’ve made noodles out of lots of veggies but zucchini is definitely the number one choice so far. …

Weekend Pasta

IMG 6686.jpg

What is a great go to dish when you’ve had a ridiculously busy week (who hasn’t?) and you still want to feel a little special? The answer is this one pot, truly spectacular shrimp pasta. Yes, I said one pot, - no fuss, no mess, and as easy as it gets. …

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