Sallie's Kitchen Corner


Strawberry Muffins Forever

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This is such a gorgeous spring weekend; Nashville at it’s most beautiful. Richard’s good friend Will made a brief surprise stop in town and since it’s also Richard’s birthday weekend, Will’s mom put together a last minute impromptu picnic for us. …

“Pao”wer Food

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Nashville was not exactly a hot spot of Chinese, or actually many ethnic restaurants when I was growing up. That has certainly changed, but Chinese food back then, was limited to a few recipes in my mom’s cookbooks and magazines and mostly consisted of chow mein and chop suey. …

California Travels and Nashville Living

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I took small break from blogging to go on a long awaited, rescheduled, and finally enjoyed, dream vacation to the California Wine Country. I’m actually glad our plans had to change; April was a perfect time to be in Napa and Sonoma. …

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