Sallie's Kitchen Corner


Picnic Time

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It’s summertime, picnic time, and the southern tradition of, “What can I bring? “is in full force for this holiday weekend. Don’t you love to go to a picnic where everyone brings a favorite side dish to share? It’s like the best buffet in the world. …

A Little Bite of Heaven

IMG 3702.jpg

My amazing friend Amber made these wonderful little Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake Bites for a party. I tasted one and demanded the recipe. I think I might have even stomped my foot to relay urgency in acquiring the recipe. Whatever I did it worked and here they are. …

My oh My This Bar’s a Pie

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My guys put in a request for a race-worthy treat to enjoy while watching all two minutes of the Kentucky Derby. Of course, the traditional Kentucky Derby Pie gets a lot of attention this time of year and that recipe – although often copied - is a family secret. …

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