Sallie's Kitchen Corner


BLV Pasta on a Rainy Night


It was a dark and stormy night, so I had to cook pasta – always the right menu for a rainy night. Also, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself after returning from spending a glorious week in Monteagle, one of my favorite places in the world. …

Pork on Purpose with The Accidental Salad


I got to prepare The Accidental Salad on Talk of the Town (click to watch) today, but The Accidental Salad proved to be the accident-prone salad. According to my husband, the salad I prepared for the camera shot just jumped right out of his hands, spilling half of the finished product in the driveway before ever leaving home. …

The Grand Finale


There are about a million reasons why The Fourth of July is a favorite holiday for so many of us. First of all, it’s a big birthday celebration for all Americans and fireworks are involved. Isn’t that just perfect? When I was little, long before great big fireworks productions were all the rage and Usher was in charge of currating (really?), my pyromaniac cousin Bob would travel all over middle Tennessee collecting the most amazing fireworks.  …

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