Sallie's Kitchen Corner


Watermelon in July


The nice people at Channel 5’s Talk of The Town asked me to make something with watermelon. I was happy to comply. (CLICK HERE TO VIEW).  That gave me the chance to try out my Grilled Watermelon Salad again. It’s been a hit with my friends and family, I even made it for a cooking class, but had kind of forgotten about it this summer. …

Swor House Steak Sauce


Some people out there think steak sauce is a dirty word – or rather two dirty words. I don’t get it. The finest steak houses in town are ready to let your steak swim in Béarnaise sauce or soak up mushroom sauce, but if you imply for one minute that you might like a slightly sweet, spicy, tomato, vinegar based sauce  – well Katy bare the doors. …

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