Sallie's Kitchen Corner


Not the Same Old Stuff

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In the summer it easy and good for us just to serve the freshest veggies that can be grown or found in the local markets. It’s almost August and I still can’t get enough corn, fresh squash, butterbeans, and my favorite- tomatoes. …

Succotash Salad — A New Classic

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Okra! We’ve never grown okra before and it’s just an amazing thing. The plants are tall with these fabulous yellow flowers. Everyday we go out and harvest a dozen or so okra pods. The deer don’t want them, the squirrels seem disenchanted too; should that be a hint?  …

The 1st of July Tomato Tart

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Happy 1st of July! Now it’s really summertime. The first tomatoes are ripe in the garden and, assuming we can stay ahead of the squirrels there will be more, but the first have to be for Summertime Tomato Tart. Yesterday my good friends Mary Jo and Maddie came over to gossip and cook. …

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