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Eating Your Curds and Whey (and Tomatoes & Garlic)

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I though it would be hard to make ricotta cheese, but since “housemade ricotta” is a feature on half of the menus in town, it occurred to me to try do just that -  make ricotta cheese in my house. It turns out that it’s no big deal – it s easy as pie – actually it’s easier. …

Pepper Perfection

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When I told the guys I was planting chocolate peppers in the garden this spring, there were mixed reviews. My husband was hopeful – he doesn’t play well with vegetables. My son was scandalized - he has a pepper garden with about 20 varieties and they are all extremely hot. …

Dress for Success

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Last week I went to a nice luncheon and had a salad. If you are thinking – and you probably are – there is nothing remarkable about that, well in theory you would be right, but don’t give up yet. What was actually a truly remarkable thing about this lunch was the salad dressing. …

It’s So Cheesy

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When the guest list for my son’s annual 4th of July party started to grow quite large, I gently suggested that potluck might be nice. It’s entertaining to see what a bunch of young people in their twenties think of as a potluck contribution. …

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