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Perfect Eggplant Parmesan


Some people remember events in their past by associating them with locations, emotions, people, even what they wore, for me it’s what I ate. I remember menus like other (normal) people remember famous landmarks. Here’s an example: I can describe at length how awe inspiring it was to stand in the Sistine Chapel gazing at the ceiling I had seen in so many photographs and only dreamed of viewing in person – I can also tell you what I ate for lunch that afternoon.

Happy Birthday Julia


Today would be Julia Child’s 100 birthday! Like anyone who loves food (and who doesn’t) I adore Julia Child and can’t get enough of her recipes, stories, letters and TV shows. I’ve had to replace my complete collection of The French Chef as technology got a bit more sophisticated, and my 1

A Fig Paradise


The coolest thing in my garden has to be our fig tree. It was my Mother’s Day present seven years ago (there may have been some guidance there). The thing is, I never really expected it to produce figs; that just seemed too exotic for the Nashville climate. …

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