Sallie's Kitchen Corner


Loaded Baked Potato and Steak…Salad


Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far, and my husband suddenly decided he wanted a big fat steak and a loaded baked potato for dinner. Plus it was a Thursday night. That just seemed all wrong to me. I grew up in a house where steak night was always a Saturday and then pretty much for adults only. …

This Little Figgy


I just saw the stunning kitchen renovation in Style Blue Print this morning. While sadly our kitchen does not exactly resemble that one, on a very happy note, yesterday I got a brand new stove! This is significant because for the last year or so, the old oven occasionally made it’s own decisions about how to cook. …

The Summer of Rain and Basil


In many Nashville gardens the summer of 2013 will be remembered as the year of rain and basil.  While the poor eggplants are molding on the stem, basil is taking over the world. I’m truly sorry for the eggplants, but we are enjoying all the new basil dishes I’ve been concocting. …

Salsa Reinvented


My friend Paula has a beautiful vacation home in southeast Tennessee. The first time I went to visit she made Blueberry Salsa and I just went bonkers for it. She’s a dainty eater, and I think she was embarrassed for me (by me) when I used chips like spoons to polish off the entire bowl. …

Singing the Blues


This is the first summer ever where I have been able to say that we almost have more blueberries than I know what to do with. We’ve made salsas, salads, syrups, jam, clafoutis, and a couple of weird cocktails. I added several bags to the freezer and there are still a few cups left. …

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