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On the Side

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This weekend we cooked a big pork shoulder covered with our special seasoning and doused in beer. It took all day and we couldn’t open the oven door because the temperature needed to stay steady. That means the smell and temptation, combined with the anticipation, was half of the fun. …

The Salad Experiment

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My friend Caroline has been raving about a kale salad that is suddenly popping up in several Nashville restaurants. (No, it’s not Nashville Hot Kale Salad – yet.) So we went out to one of those restaurants and had it for lunch. Our waitress said that she makes kale salad at home all the time and tossed out the basic key ingredients, but also confessed she hadn’t quite gotten a perfect “batch”.

Saying I “Heart” You

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It’s been a busy time. From an entertaining Trunk Show atHaus of Yarn this past Saturday (photos at end of this blog), to re-creating a menu from the California Club with friends Monday, then finally getting to cook on Channel 5’s

Bunny Tales

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Carrots were not a part of the plan. Last Saturday my sister and brother in law came over to celebrate a birthday and it was meant to be a gourmet event! We were pulling out all the stops, shrimp, steak, homemade chocolate cake and asparagus with lemon beurre blanc. …

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