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Fishing for Compliments

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You won’t have to fish too hard to get a thumbs up on this recipe. It’s the best kind – the kind where you ask an expert. When we go to our favorite beach vacation spot, Fernandina on Amelia Island, our first excursion is to Atlantic Seafood on the tip of the pier. …

Fig Dreams

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We thought our fig trees were completely dead this spring. Last winter gave us a string of really cold days with high temps in the low teens. Not good fig weather. Even my sister gave them little hope when we looked at all the spring green leaves and pretty wild flowers with the dead sticks of a large fig tree dominating the landscape. …

Buzz Worthy Company Menu

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Today was The Day – or as it were - Bee Day. After two years of beekeeping, gathering the honey was almost over too quickly, but it’s definitely worthy of a celebration! The harvest was much easier than anticipated thanks to a word of advice from good friend Sylvia from Green Door Gourmet, who shared the tip that bees hate the scent of vanilla. …

Summer Side

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It’s summer in Tennessee and we are all about using the grill as much as possible. It’s just easier – no fancy casseroles, big pasta dishes, or hearty stews – no heavy creamy side dishes either. All of those can be saved for cold weather fare. …

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