Sallie's Kitchen Corner


A Month of Pie


I don’t know what it is about pie, but somehow it seems to have been the September focus in our house. Yesterday was Sammy’s birthday and instead of cake, he asked for a birthday pie! That seems crazy to me. Somehow “Let them eat pie!” …

Pie for Dinner Again!


It’s pouring down rain and I do not want to go to the grocery store. That means a bit of creativity plus a visit to the very damp garden. It’s loaded with tomatoes, which is a marvel because for the past two years the squirrels (nasty varmints) have eaten every single tomato that turned even a vague shade of anything beyond green. …

Be a Winner with Pie for Dinner


Last night the weather was mild enough to open the windows and put on a sweater. There were football games on TV all day and night and, even if none of our teams won, it felt like time for some cool weather comfort food. We are so ready for fall. …

Happy Birthday! Yummy Cake!


It’s September 5th, which means happy birthday to this blog and welcome new cookbook. Sallie’s Kitchen Corner is a year old today and You’re Grown-Now You Can Cook, officially goes to print today as well. Here’s what it will look like when we get our first copies, in a few weeks. …

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