Sallie's Kitchen Corner


Steak Soup "Faux Pas"


You’ll know we don’t have a fancy built in refrigerator when I tell you that ours serves as a constantly rotating photo gallery. I don’t mind a bit. The kitchen is my favorite place to be, and it might as well include a collection of pictures featuring happy memories with family, and friends. …

Cherry Berry Biscuit Pie


Cherry Berry Biscuit Pie – it may sound adorable, but it tastes like sin – in a nice way. This is the recipe you make for someone when you want to say, “I really love you”, or “I’m sorry I was such a mean cow”, or “wouldn’t a pair of diamond earrings look great on me?”…

Chill Out


Yesterday I tried out a few new recipes on some of my Marys (yes, about half of my friends are named Mary) who thankfully are happy to be guinea pigs in the kitchen. It was a near perfect day, so of course we moved from the kitchen and turned our lunch into a backyard picnic. …

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