Sallie's Kitchen Corner


Prescription for a Cookie


The other day, in passing, my friend Ben said, “Is there anywhere in this town you can get a decent oatmeal cookie?” That was meant as my clue that it was time to make a batch. First of all my oatmeal cookies far surpass decent and he knows it! …

Where the Boys Are


During the fall the strangest thing happens. Boys, I guess they are technically young men, migrate to our porch every Sunday. They come from Chicago, Kentucky, Texas, Florida, even Nashville. Last week we scored a New Hampshire! …

A Fine Fall Salad


Last night I broke all the rules and served – gasp – a brussel sprout salad!  Here’s what transpired. In almost every southern regional cookbook you can find a recipe for Broccoli Salad. The recipes may differ slightly, but the basic premise is chopped up broccoli, onions, some kind of nuts, vinegar, sugar, and a healthy scoop of mayo. …

Tomatoes Times Two


Happy September! It’s that time of year where if you are a gardener, and it’s been a good summer, you may end up with more tomatoes than you know what to do with. If you aren’t a gardener, you probably know one who is happy to share. …

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