Sallie's Kitchen Corner


Fry Baby

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Here is a quick recipe for a tasty snack you can make in minutes and enjoy for a fun football game day treat or as a fantastic cocktail nibble. It has to be quick because I’m completing the last edit of the new cookbook and everything I do right now has to be done in a snap. …

Crafting with Anna (Part 2)

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If you read about the Jelly Pies yesterday, then you know that Anna and I love to have some new craft project to try. Usually it’s knitting – sometimes painting, but this time we went for another favorite – a food craft. I don’t usually write about something that requires special equipment – but this was just too much fun to pass up and must be passed along. …

Cooking with Anna (Part 1)

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When Anna called yesterday and asked me if I wanted to come over to her cute new condo and make jelly pies - well-  who would turn that down?  Anna and I met when she and my son were in pre-school together. It was love at first sight. …

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