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Four Friends - One Cake

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Four good friends needed a little attention last week. One was sick, one was sad, one was celebrating, and one needed a thank you. What better way to express sympathy, joy and friendship than with a very lovely and delicious cream cheese pound cake. …

Chicken Taco Salad with Homemade Ranch Dressing

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Admitting to grilled chicken night about once a week is not a sin because – it’s easy, there are great left-overs for a quick lunch, and It can always be turned into another dinner. Some dinners are more successful, like enchiladas, gumbo, and white chili. …

Jammin' On The Jelly

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It was a shock to see all the pumpkins prominently displayed at the farmers’ stands this week. Yikes! I forget to make summer peach jam! Fortunately, there were still plenty of really pretty South Carolina peaches available and just exactly perfectly ripe and ready for jam. …

On a Quiche Quest

Mini quiches are perfect for lots of occasions, a brunch, an appetizer, tailgating, a picnic, and the list goes on. The thing is, those pre-fab frozen ones are kind of icky – like eating cardboard, plus the cheese is rubbery and isn’t worth the calories and who knows what else is in the filing. 

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