Sallie's Kitchen Corner


The Chicken Dilemma


We are fried chicken lovers. We are fried chicken snobs. Those frozen things, frighteningly called fingers, are not for us. The grocery deli stuff doesn’t make the cut either. Fast food – forget it, too dubious. If a person is going to indulge in fried chicken, it should be just marvelous, hot, crispy, and, well - here’s where our family dilemma pokes in its ugly head. …

Aloha Chicken (aka) Chicken from Hawaii


If you liked the recipe for Chicken From France, you’ll love Aloha Chicken, or maybe it should be called Chicken from Hawaii. When you look at the recipe, you will most likely wonder what, in any way, makes this dish Hawaiian. Well actually, nothing that I know of. …

They Did the Mash


Finally it’s October. Time for cool weather, bright foliage, fires in fireplaces – blah blah blah! What it’s really time for is Monster Mash Cookies! It would be a big fat lie to claim we only make these fantastic treats in the fall, but the start of October means it’s definitely the season to stock the cookie jar with Monster Mash Cookies. …

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