Sallie's Kitchen Corner


Tis the Season?


Is it just too early? I know it’s still “pumpkin season”, but since they’ve been in the markets practically since July, I walked right past a huge pumpkin display to a little basket of fresh cranberries. The idea was to bake something sweet to accompany the savory snacks I’m making for friends who are helping with a mailing for the

Twice is Nice


My husband loves steak. He would never say no to steak in almost any form as a dinner suggestion. I get less enthusiastic responses to other menus I present. Last week I mentioned barbequed chicken for dinner and he actually said to me, “No, I think I’m chickened out”. …

Chipping Away


Kale: I do like it. It feels sort of tacky to admit this. Once upon a time, kale was cool, everyone ate it, then suddenly it was passé, and no one mentioned it. At least that’s how it seems to me. This is probably weird, but I save some of my favorite cooking magazines and relax by revisiting old recipes. …

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