Sallie's Kitchen Corner


YES! They Can Be Trained

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Today my world shifted slightly when my husband, who can’t quite master the art of making toast, said he wanted to learn how to cook a dessert. I made him say it twice. Then he announced that he wanted it to be an apple dessert. …

Get Saucy

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Aren’t you just ready for cool days, a fire in the fireplace at night, snuggling under a quilt at bedtime, and the smell of slow simmering sauce on the stovetop? Part of that is working for me. It’s definitely cooler and if predictions are correct we could be closing in on fireplace weather by the weekend. …

Apple Scruffs

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When I was 16 years old, I was very lucky to get to go on a school trip to Italy with my friend Nancy. In truth, it wasn’t actually our school, but the school where my Mother taught.  It was my first big trip and the most exciting thing I’d ever done! …

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