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Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween! What a fun reason to play with costumes and eat lots of candy. I’ll take that any day. Here is a recipe for a delicious treat for a busy day, whether Halloween, a weekend football party, or just because it tastes so good and your family is craving dessert.  …

Loving Your Leftovers - Ole!

A warning! This was so good and we were so hungry – I forgot to get a “Glamour Shot” of a finished plate! The recipe is too tasty for you to miss due to my bad behavior!

 It was just one of those feelings you get. The plan was to marinate and grill a couple of chicken breasts for dinner last night – but something said to me – cook a bunch, it’ll come in handy. …

Spinach and Artichoke Again — My Favorite Salad

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Here is one of those posts that make me feel vaguely guilty because this is such a simple recipe.  I hope you are thinking – “What’s wrong with that!” Well, actually, the correct answer is –nothing. We all need a few tricks to pull out of a hat at the last minute, not just on a busy day, but because sometimes it’s hard to put a tasty and healthy dinner on the table every night. …

Football Night Special

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It’s Sunday in October and that means football and a crowd cheering on the Titan’s from our porch.  The outcome may be spectacular or disappointing but it doesn’t matter, because good friends and good food always come together on that porch. …

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