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The Fall Cookie Jar

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I’m not the only one at my house that loves to Throw a Party! Yesterday my son hosted a pumpkin-carving soiree for some of his Halloween loving crowd. 

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We had a ton of fun carving pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds, followed by a yummy dinner of roasted fall vegetables, salad, and grilled steak. …

Fall in Love with Tomato Pudding

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Here is my family’s absolutely hands down favorite side dish and a recipe you will just fall in love with. Actually it is Fall and does finally feel like it. The cool weather inspired a double request last night for Tomato Pudding. …

A Fall Dish That is Not Pumpkin

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Some friends were chatting the other day about how tired we get of pumpkin recipes and the ensuing number of foods featuring pumpkin that pop up on grocery shelves this time of year. We all agreed that we like pumpkin in things like pie and spice cake, and on front porches, but when it shows up in coffee, granola, candy, and yogurt – well it’s just too much. …

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