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Fall Shrimp

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Before you even read about this fantastic double presentation shrimp recipe, I’ve got to say I had such a marvelous time making pumpkin roll dessert with Meryll Rose yesterday on Talk of the Town.(Click to View) With breaking news, we didn’t know how much time we had to cook – but it all worked out and we even squeezed in a recipe for puppy treats made with left over pumpkin. …

Tune in Tomorrow

Watch Talk of The Town  tomorrow at 11:00 to see how to make that delicious Pumpkin Roulade with cream cheese filling . NewsChannel 5  in Nashville

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Also included – a perfect pumpkin puppy treat recipe everyone’s dog will love.

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If you miss the broadcast you can

Roll With It Baby

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When my son’s girlfriend, Lauren, comes over and we decide to check out what’s on TV, I make sure she gets the remote control. Those of you without daughters understand how exciting it is to get to watch “girl tv”. The guys might settle for a something on HGTV or maybe the occasional movie or sitcom, but the level of interest is decidedly low unless a football, soccer ball, or basketball is involved. …

What to Bring?

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I have a friend who is moving into fancy new digs, but for the time being is residing in a small but charming apartment with a postage-stamp sized kitchen This does not stop her from throwing the most fabulous of dinner parties and getting together interesting people. …

Salad Days of Autumn?

Arrrrggg. It’s October and our crockpots miss us. But it’s also ninety degrees in the shade and our crockpots are not ready to face that kind of silly heat. Can you blame them? The problem is that we are all craving cold weather treats, soups, stews, pot roast, chicken and dumplings – that good stuff that October signals. …

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