Sallie's Kitchen Corner


Candlelight Bean Soup


Yesterday I got to teach a cooking class for the open house at Green Door Gourmet. The subject was an easy holiday dinner – right up my ally!  I got to meet some wonderful new friends and talk about food – does it get any better?  …

Easy as Pie at The Green Door Gourmet


My friend Sylvia who owns The Green Door Gourmet has invited me to be a part of her open house this Saturday. Of course I said yes, I love to cook for an audience of folks who enjoy food enough to go somewhere and see it being made. …

Beer and Cheese Please


We just returned from a trip to the Smoky Mountains. From where we stay, on a mountain top staring directly across to Mt. LeConte, it’s easy to forget that the town of Gatlinburg is only a few miles away. With a stack of books and movies, some knitting supplies, good friends, and a full fridge, I could easily nestle in for a while. …

Pumpkin…It's Not Just for Halloween


It was a dark and stormy night. Of course at our house, if it’s stormy it’s pretty much always dark since we live in a very wooded area and the power goes out nearly every time a raindrop falls from the sky. But it was all ok, because we had a plate of Monster Cookies and delicious Pumpkin and Prosciutto Mini Pizzas left over from my morning of cooking on Talk of the Town.

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