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My Cheatin' Rolls

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I know my mother will be reading this, so I want to give her full credit for teaching me to make beautiful and delicious yeast rolls, but truthfully I don’t always have time. This simple little trick can be a lifesaver, particularly this time of year. …

Make it Soup

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This has been a busy week. The book had three events that required lots of cooking, I took dinner to a sick friend and provided Titans snacks. So by yesterday afternoon when a request for lasagna came through, I have to admit that I just wasn’t up to it. …

It’s Finally Here

youre grown now you can throw a party cover 8-31.jpg

It’s finally here! Tomorrow, November 1st, is the release date for the newest cookbook – You’re Grown – Now You Can Throw a Party. The new book features over 130 recipes and lots of photographs designed to make entertaining your friends and family a pleasure. …

Beer? Cake? or Better — Chocolate Stout Cake

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My Mom came to dinner for her birthday last night. That’s a special occasion and I had the birthday dinner menu down, but wanted to make a cake that was just perfect for her. My mom is a fan of anything British. She took students to England on school-sponsored trips for many years. …

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