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A Holiday Treat

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Happy Christmas Eve! I think Christmas Eve is actually my favorite part of Christmas. My family is all coming here for dinner tomorrow. There’s food to be made, tables to be set, and a few last minute gifts to wrap. Anticipation of a wonderful day is the best part, even if there’s no chance of snow.

Popeye The Sailor Man

Yesterday I knew it was time to eat a salad. Too much candy, cookies, wintertime casseroles, and stews were makingme feel, well – puffy.  I’m not talking about a summery salad with tons of seasonal veggies, but ayummy main course salad that’s good year round. …

Happy Holiday Ham

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Yesterday I made twelve Jack Daniel’s cakes, baked a ham sprit zed with Jack Daniel’s, and made Parker House rolls – no Jack Daniel’s there. I cooked a lot of other stuff too.  Richard is home and friends were dropping by, but the ham was the masterpiece. …

The Best Granola


This is the time of year when it’s easy to be overwhelmed by sweet snacks, still it’s possible to enjoy a little treat and feel good about it when it’s homemade granola. Granola may seem like a weird choice, but this recipe is nothing short of

A Pâtè Kind of Day

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A friend was throwing a holiday cocktail party yesterday, and I wanted to bring a little hostess gift. Taking this lady wine is like bringing coals to Newcastle and flowers seemed so last minute.  Something delicious that she could either serve or save for another occasion seemed just the thing. …

A Very Cute Lasanga


Lately one of my Mary’s has been all a twitter about a vegetarian lasagna she just adores. She is so enthusiastic about this dish that she has actually done research on lasagna noodles. The version Mary likes has frozen noodles that are available in huge quantities for restaurants. …

It’s Greek to Me

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We have a lot of food traditions in our family and I know better than to mess with some, like spaghetti the first night at the beach – any beach. Once I made chili when we got to Navarre and was given the silent treatment for days. …

Take This Mushroom And Stuff It


We had out-of-town family come to stay with us last weekend and I cooked up a storm. Friends came to visit our guests and so I ended up having a cocktail party and a dinner the same night! Knowing how busy the evening would be, it seemed smart to rely on a few make ahead favorites. …

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