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Firecrackers on New Year's Eve


Well Happy New Year’s Eve Eve. It’s almost impossible to believe that Tuesday will be the start of 2013. At the beginning of every New Year I’m tempted to make promises I probably won’t keep. This is evidenced by the fact that our exercise bike has a thick layer of dust on it, presumably undisturbed since last February. …

Other Last Minute Gifts


Does anyone need a last minute Christmas gift that takes almost no time to make? There are several good choices in You’re Grown - Now You Can Cook. In the Dessert section, the Chocolate Sauce and Caramel Sauce (p. 148), both made in the blender, are beautiful, and such a nice present to give or receive.  …

Apple Pie and the Perfect Gift


Is it just me or are men hard to shop for? While fussing about men and shopping, I also believe it must be amazing to wake up on Christmas day with a house full of delicious food and wrapped gifts for everyone you know without having any basic idea how it all happened. …

Soup's On


Wet December weather just makes you want soup for dinner. Well, at least that’s what I thought, but my family seemed vaguely horrified when I suggested a nice bowl of Minestrone Soup for dinner last night. The reaction went something like this:

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