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An Easy and Special Christmas Morning Breakfast

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If you have family and guests in your house on Christmas morning, or any morning for that matter, they will eventually be hungry. The nicest present you can give yourself is a hot delicious breakfast that is easy to assemble, can be made a couple of days early, then popped in the oven in time for breakfast. …

Easy Last Minute Gift

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It’s a week before Christmas, all the stores are packed, traffic has reached a new level of hellishness, and in truth, there just isn’t much shopping time left. For the last few days, a Christmas song by Amy Grant, “I Need a Silent Night” has been running through my head on constant replay. …

Tacos with a Twist

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It’s the night before the final exam for my first year law student, and I know what he wants for dinner, Sloppy José’s. Yep – you read that right. One of our very favorite recipes in the blog is for Sloppy Joes, and as much as we love yummy meat in a tasty sauce all eaten in a bun, we adore it with a Mexican twist served in taco shells! …

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