Celebrating the Season

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I love to be invited to cook on Channel 5’s Talk of the Town, especially around the holidays when everything and everyone is so festive at the station. Lelan (in his perfect Christmas tie, of course) and I turned the Ham Onion and Gruyere Quiche (page 50 in my newest cookbook: You’re Grown — Now You Can Throw a Party) into adorable mini tarts. 

Click here to view and for the recipe.

They are perfect for the holidays as an entrée for a brunch or dinner or cut into bite size pieces for a cocktail party. 

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Speaking of cocktail parties, we made a delightful little cocktail for the crew called a Rebujito. It’s as beautiful as it is delicious. Meryll pronounced it to be light and refreshing which is pretty on spot. The cocktail featured dry Fino sherry, which we had just opened to sauté the ham, and a sparkling lemon lime mixer. Cranberries and lime added the holiday touch, but this drink is marvelous all year long with just a splash of lime and maybe a seasonal fruit for color.

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My family and I wish for you all a wonderful holiday, filled with peace, joy, comfort, and love. And maybe a sprinkle of snow.

See you in 2018!


For each serving, fill a cocktail glass with ice and add:

2 oz Fino or dry sherry

4 oz lemeon lime soda (sprite or similar beverage)

Lime slice

Optional: Cranberries or other fruit garnish

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