Fondue for Two

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It’s a Friday night dilemma. The end of the work week arrives and you know you are expected to celebrate. So, do you:

a.     Hurry home, stopping at the grocery to buy stuff for a nice dinner that will need someone to cook it?

b.     Try to book a restaurant – if you are a Nashvillian reading this, then good luck?

c.     Change clothes, freshen your make-up, and go meet friends in a popular bar?

OR: Enjoy Friday night Fondue for Two while sipping a favorite beverage with a special someone knowing that there are no dishes to clean, no bar bills to pay, and make-up freshening is optional. PLUS – it takes less than five minutes. Really! Now that’s a happy plan and an easy way to enjoy the end of the work week. All you need to have on hand is the cheese – we keep that around - along with an apple or two and crackers or bread. The cheese I’ve fallen in love with lately is a small round of cheese called Harbison

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 I’ve found it locally in most stores including Kroger and Whole Foods. This is a great option because it comes wrapped in a little piece of spruce – a natural and kind of attractive container. You could use any small soft cheese – preferably wrapped in some type of wood like a small brie, but Harbison cheese has a little more pizazz and melts so beautifully. Here is what to do. Come home and get into your favorite comfy clothes. Round up an apple or pear or even some dried fruit and a package of crackers. Preheat the oven to broil. Slice the top off of the cheese and put it on a piece of foil on a small pan. Put the pan in the oven. While the cheese spends its two minutes under the broiler, arrange the fruit and crackers on an attractive plate. Remove cheese from the oven and place it on the attractive plate. Eat all of the cheese and fruit and crackers and there is nothing to clean. Just throw out the cheese rind. A tasty piece of chocolate finishes off a perfect meal. A nice wine is divine, but not required. It’s definitely time for you to enjoy a beautiful evening with Fondue for Two.

Fondue for Two


 Harbison cheese or other small round semi-soft cheese 8 to 10 oz size

Fruit – apple or pear or dried fruit, cut in bite sized pieces

Crackers or toasted bread.


Preheat broiler.

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Line a small pan with foil

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Slice the top off of the cheese, place on foil lined pan, and place under the broiler on the top rack of the oven.

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Broil for about 2 minutes until top begins to brown and is bubbling.

Serve immediately with fruit and crackers.

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